Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breakfast for five!

This morning was a lazy Saturday. We have a bunch of things on the agenda, but those are usually saved for post-nap times. So to get things rolling, we had a great and healthy breakfast prepared by yours truly!

This is a completely new realm for my family. The NO MEAT, meat. These are brown and serve BOCA breakfast sausages. There were 10 in the box, so everyone got two. They were actually a very close second to real sausage. The only thing that gets me is the texture, there was definitely a smoother texture than I am used to. But as for taste and flavor, they were great!

I found these English Muffins at the grocery store in the organic department about 8 months ago, and you can always find them in my freezer. They are 100 Calories, 5 grams of fiber, zero sugar, and zero trans fat. THEY ARE TASTY!!!!!

Breakfast at my house has to include one of the following, eggs, peanut butter, cereal, or pop tarts. This is an egg day. For the five of us, it takes 18 eggs to make everyone full. Given at least 8 of those are eaten by Jazz Man.
Please everyone pretend that you don't know how to scramble eggs, just for five minutes. This is my way!
No milk, no butter, no extra bowl to dirty. Just smash them up in the pan, add a bit of salt and pepper (that's the reason my hand is in the pic **wink wink**).

I didn't figure so many eggs would take so long to cook. Keep stirring and breaking up the big chunks. Now would be the time when Jazz Man would yell at me to add some shredded cheese, but the kids don't like it that way.

QUICK!!! Turn on the other burner, your sausages are still frozen. Oh yeah, don't forget to pop those English Muffins in the microwave for about a minute!

Time out, someone is being naughty. Poor guy, momma stripped the sheets on the bed, and now he has to sit in the corner for a WHOLE TWO MINUTES!!

Back to the eggs, another quick stir and fluff, and they are ready for consumption!

Another great thing about the sausages, they only take about five minutes to cook on a medium heat.

Slice and add your favorite topping to your English Muffins. Round these parts the small folk are partial to grape jam.

Don't shoot me, my kids don't eat on fine china, but these little colored plates are awesome. And if they happen to stab them to hard with the fork, they are relatively disposable (and biodegradable). So there's the kiddo spread. English Muffin, Eggs, and Sausage.

Me and Lightning However, have a different take on the breakfast idea. We like to slice the sausages, add a slice of cheese and make ourselves a breakfast sammich.

I truly hope you all have enjoyed this first post in my new direction. As always I welcome your feedback! If you want to see the non-food stuff, visit me over at my other blog!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming back out of the wood works

I may or may not continue to blog here in tandem with here. I'm just not quite sure which direction I want to be going. So when the directions strikes, you WILL be the first one's to know. You are more than welcome to pick one or the other, or both. Just know, that I will be getting to everyone SOON!!!! Your well wished, inquiries about the new spot, and general support has given me a touch of motivation. The truth is, I miss you guys! I miss having the support and motivational support of all my former blogger buddies! I may be posting to both blogs different days, or the same days, or where ever my fancy strikes.

So I'm back! Kinda, sorta, maybe, or not!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Blog

So I'm trying to keep it relatively low key, and I think I've gotten everyone a link to the new blog, if I missed you please send me an email, otherwise I have to comment your blog to get you to email me. It'd be much more simple if you were to just email me.

Also Jill, woman with no blog, and no contact me....please email me, I can't figure out how to get ahold of you.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So I have some important questions for ya'll

I've been taking a bit of a vacation from the house. I'll probably go back next week, but I'm not really sure. I'm kind of at an impasse with the owner, the general contractor, and Jazz Man. I can't please all of them, so I may not do anything.

I've been doing lots and lots of thinking.

I think it's time to shut down the blogger blog.

Don't worry, I'm working on something else...something bigger....something where I can be totally honest, but save myself from anyone I don't want to discovering my honesty.

So here in lies my issue. Would I still have readers?

The HYC has brought me almost all of you guys. And at the time I was head over heels for the lifestyle change I want to put myself through. And I'll likely come back to it. Right now there is still so much going on, and I'd love to be able to share everything, but I can't, not here.

If I'm not a weight loss blogger right now will you guys still love me?

I'll still have funny stories, entertaining pictures, and hey....there's's just not for a completely public forum.

SO here's the deal....YOU need to tell me. I'll email you a link to the new spot, and I'll Add your blog to my roll over there and we can have lots of fun.

What do ya say....I NEED your feedback guys....even if it's anonymous. Email if you want to stay anonymous on this blog.

I just need to know folks!